Milena Pieńkosz

Junior Wordpress Developer

My mission is to create innovative and functional websites that meet the client's expectations at 100%. 💼  Every day is an opportunity for me to combine my passions: travel and technology. 💡 🌴 I like a challenge and believe that nothing is impossible. 🧪  She uses her travel experiences both in her design and in her interactions with people. 🌎  I take an individual approach to each project, because satisfaction with my work is most important to me. 🎯  If you are looking for a professional who is not only knowledgeable, but also constantly evolving and inspired by new technologies, you have just found the perfect partner to work with. 👋

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Company data
LunaDesign Sara Kowal
NIP: 8971901218
REGON: 521121045
3/3 Henri Barbusse Street
58-305 Walbrzych

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