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We create websites and online shops that are distinctive in design, Google-friendly and easy to use. We will prepare the tools for you to make your brand stand out on the internet and keep attracting new customers.
Rocket in the Luna Design theme symbolising the recoil and power of web development


We create pages tailored to your brand, increasing brand recognition and audience engagement.

Maximising Visibility

We improve your website's positioning in search results, increasing traffic and potential conversions.


Our pages display perfectly on any device, providing an excellent user experience.
Our advantage

Digital Solutions, Real Results

Our web and shop design offer combines innovation with efficiency, saving your time and money. We specialise in creating customised solutions for individual business needs that not only attract attention with their designbut there are also optimised for search engines, providing improved visibility i higher conversion. Thanks to our experience w website management and administration, we offer peace of mind through maximum process simplificationwhich allows you to focus on developing your business.
Website designer

Professional Website Design

  • Individual Design
  • Solutions for companies
  • SEO and optimisation
  • Data security

In today's world, an online presence is crucial for any business. A professional website not only increases the credibility of your business, but also opens the door to the global market. At Luna Design, we understand this like no one else and that's why we offer comprehensive web design services that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional, responsive and tailored to the needs of your business. Whether you need a simple business card website, a sophisticated business portal or an online shop, our expert team is ready to help you succeed online.

Online Shops

Creation of professional online shops

  • Customised solutions
  • Easy administration
  • Conversion optimisation
  • Transaction security

In this age of increasing popularity of online shopping, having a well-designed online shop is essential to the success of any business selling products or services. At Luna Design, we specialise in creating online shops that not only look beautiful, but are also functional, easy to use for you and your customers, and search engine optimised to attract traffic and increase sales. Our e-commerce solutions are designed to maximise ROI while offering an exceptional shopping experience.

The team working on the creation of a professional online shop
Team working on improving the positioning and SEO of a website or online shop
Website positioning

Increase the Visibility of Your Website on the Internet

  • Comprehensive SEO strategies
  • On-Page optimisation
  • Link building
  • Analysis and reporting

In today's crowded internet, simply having a website is not enough. To attract the attention and interest of potential customers, your website needs to be visible and easily accessible through search engines. At Luna Design, we specialise in SEO, using the latest and most effective SEO techniques. Our goal is not only to increase your website's visibility in search results, but also to attract quality traffic that will convert into customers. With our knowledge and experience, we will help you achieve and maintain top positions in Google, increasing your brand's online reach.


Maintenance and Administration of your Website

  • Current Content Update
  • Site security
  • Performance optimisation
  • Reports and analyses

Running a website requires constant attention and regular activities to keep it up to date, secure and effective. At Luna Design, we offer professional website administration services to relieve you of the day-to-day responsibilities of website maintenance. From content updates and performance optimisation to security and backups, our team of experts will ensure your website runs smoothly and seamlessly 24/7. Focus on growing your business and leave website administration to us.

Team working on the administration and maintenance and repair of the website or online shop
The team analyses and determines the optimal strategy for the valuation project and consults with the client on possible solutions

Let's start with Analysis

During the consultation, we will discuss possible courses of action, suggest optimal strategies and provide an initial project quote - all completely free of charge and without any obligation on your part.

Digital Solutions, Real Results

Business card (personal) page Jacek Walkiewicz

The website of an experienced psychologist and charismatic speaker, a doorway to a world where every step leads to a better self.

Online shop KUCZY SW

Online shop offering diets and workout plans.

Business card (company) page
Roman's workshop

A site presenting the wide range of services offered by the car workshop.

Absolut-frei Hausboote website

A page presenting the offer of floating cottages.

House & Boat Odra website

A page presenting the range of mobile homes on offer.

Kodietka business card (company) website

A site with dietary challenges and healthy thermomix recipes.
A person with a megaphone in front of a laptop and envelopes is to show sending out tutorials teaching how to grow a business

Professional guides for developing your business

In our latest newsletter, we share our knowledge and expertise to help you grow your business in a digital world. You'll find exclusive guides that show you how to effectively use your website to increase reach, improve customer engagement and maximise profits.
Our team

Specialist support

Slawomir Oruba - Programmer, Entrepreneur, Traveller
Senior Wordpress Developer

Slawomir Oruba

🚀💻 Passionate about technology and global exploration, WordPress specialist. I create websites that help companies to come online.
Sara Kowal - Traveller, Entrepreneur, Traveler
Web Designer

Sara Kowal

Graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts 🎓. Passionate about creating aesthetically pleasing and functional websites 🌐 Ready for graphic challenges! 🎨
Milena Pieńkosz
Junior Wordpress Developer

Milena Pieńkosz

Every project is a challenge that I accept with enthusiasm, pushing the limits of what is possible. Your satisfaction - my goal! 🎯
Avatar of a man in a technological background
Junior Wordpress Developer

Grzegorz Okuniewski

I turn inspiration into modern web solutions 🌐, treating each task as a learning opportunity 📚 and creativity 🎨.
Garolina Grusza - Graphic Designer and Website Developer
Graphic Designer

Karolina Grusza

I have based my professional path on a long-standing passion for creating 🎨. From drawing classes, to art education🎓, to ever-growing professional experience.
Konrad Sordyl

Konrad Sordyl

I value challenges and difficult tasks that allow me to grow.
Every line of code written brings me closer to delivering you an optimised and personalised Website.
Piotr Pawlos - SEO Expert
SEO expert

Piotr Pawlos

From electronic technician basics to 📈 SEO expert with over 10 years of experience. Team leader at Artefakt and co-founder of P&S Agency.
Jan Szarwaryn - Developer
Front-end Developer

Jan Szarwaryn

Passionate about front-end technologies from Wroclaw 📍, has been developing HTML, CSS, JS since 2017. Currently acting as a team leader in a company specialising in SaaS and analytics 📊.
Julia Gorlicka
Senior UX/UI Designer

Julia Gorlicka

UX/UI Designer fascinated by people, technology and solving complex problems with simple and intuitive digital products

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We create cutting-edge web solutions that transform your online presence into real business successes.
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