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In the dynamic world of design, where technological advances overwhelm us with their speed and digitalisation permeates every sphere of our lives, designers cannot afford to lag behind, both in terms of software and visual aspects. We cannot stop the constant evolution of trends, but we can take advantage of them by drawing inspiration and moulding them according to our needs, playing with them instead of fighting against them.


Minimalism in design continues to hold its power in 2024, representing not only a style but also a philosophy that leads the design world. This approach emphasises simplicity, economy of form and the elimination of superfluous elements, making designs clear, elegant and yet accurate in their message.

Eco-Friendly Design

Eco-Friendly Design, or eco-friendly design, is not just a trend, but above all a responsible approach to creating products and spaces with respect for the planet. In 2024, in light of the growing challenges of climate change and pollution, an eco-friendly approach in design becomes even more important. Eco-friendly designs are characterised by inspiration from nature, organic shapes and the display of recycled materials such as recycled paper.


"Doodles" as a design trend reflect a playful and spontaneous approach to expressing oneself visually. In recent years, doodles have transcended their initial status as random scribbles or sketches to become a recognised and popular design trend. Doodles bring an element of fun and spontaneity to design, conveying creativity that is not overwhelmed by rigid structure.


Gradients, until recently associated with obsolescence, have taken on a new face, adding depth, dynamism and modernity to various areas of design. All thanks to colour experimentation and the growing trend for intense colours and timeless minimalism as a backdrop for monochrome, clear shapes.

In 2024, trends in graphic design are drawing directions with interesting prospects for the future. Minimalism remains a strength, environmentalism becomes integral, doodles add expression and gradients introduce modernity. The discovery of new technologies, the integration of interactivity and the constant development of aesthetics make designers both observers and creators of fascinating changes in the design world.

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