Why is SEO and positioning necessary for any business?

Discover how, in the digital age, SEO and positioning are an essential key to success.

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In the digital revolution era that can be considered the 21st century, the use of the Internet has become an integral part of life for millions of people around the world. Poland, with a population of over 38 million people, is as much as 30 million citizens regularly accessing the InternetThe online world is a dynamic environment in which competition for users' attention is fierce. In such a dynamic online environment, where competition for users' attention is fierce, the role of the effective website positioning. In our country, Google has gained a monopoly position in the field of search engines, with as many as 96,84% market share. This means that the majority of Poles reach for this particular platform when looking for information online. These results come from a study Mediapanelwhich unequivocally confirm the dominant role of Google on the Polish Internet. Discover why SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and SEO are becoming essential for anyone who wants to succeed in the online world.

SEO and positioning is a precise form of marketing with which you reach people interested in your offer

SEO and positioning are not only technical procedures to improve the visibility of a website in search results, but also a precise form of marketingwhich makes it possible to reach people who are genuinely interested in the offer of a particular company, service or product. With a properly optimised website that appears high in search results, companies can communicate your message effectively and value of its products, or services, to its potential customers at a time when these actively seek information related to a particular industry or problem that the product or service on offer can solve. It is this precision in reaching the right audience, makes SEO and positioning indispensable tools in the marketing strategy of any company operating online.

SEO and positioning are activities that not only promote a product or service, but also create its value and reach. This is in contrast to traditional advertising methods, which often reach a wide audience regardless of their interest or needs, SEO enables you to reach people at the exact moment they are ready to receive information or purchase a product. This allows companies to focus their efforts on shaping their brand image among people who are genuinely interested in a particular industry or product, which translates into a more efficient use of resources and better sales results. As a result, SEO and positioning act not as a pushy way of pushing a product on everyone, but as a subtle communication tool that reaches the right audience at the right time, while creating value for both the company and the internet user.

It has been said that in marketing we waste 50% of budget, it's just not clear which 50%. However, in the case of SEO and positioning, by relying on analytical data and constant monitoring of performance, we are able to accurately determine how budget translates into real benefits. Thanks to tools such as website traffic analysis, conversion rates or keyword research, we can track every step a user takes from the moment they arrive on the site until they make a purchase or perform a desired action. This allows us to optimisation of marketing activitiesby eliminating wasted resources and focusing efforts on areas that deliver the best results. Therefore, more and more companies are choosing to invest in SEO and positioning as effective marketing tools that not only generate a noticeable return on investment, but also allow them to precisely control expenditure and achieve defined business goals.

SEO and positioning - key questions

Now that we know that SEO for a company website or online shop is necessary, it is worth exploring more about SEO and positioning. One of the key questions that entrepreneurs often ask is about the cost of these activities and the factors that influence the price. The price of SEO can vary and depends mainly on the degree of competition in the industryThe more competitive the industry, the higher the cost of SEO. The more competitive the industry, the higher the SEO costs tend to be.

The first factor influencing the price is the time an SEO expert has to spend on analysis and optimisation activities each month. The more advanced and competitive the online environment in an industry is, the more work may be needed, resulting in higher costs.

Another important element is time needed to implement recommendations SEO by webmaster. There is always a need to make changes to a website to improve its visibility in search results, which requires work by a programmer, or webmaster, which also affects the final price.

Another cost is content creation to the website as part of SEO optimisation. The content must not only be attractive to users, but also optimised for keywords and in line with SEO recommendations. This requires hiring a copywriter, or a content marketing specialist.

Positioning must be supported acquisition of links leading to the domain. The purchase of sponsored articles is the cost of creating them and publishing them on external platforms. Publishers charge for the publication of content from links leading to the client's website, which also affects the final cost of positioning. One link can cost from £50 to as much as several thousand. In order for the website to improve its position in Google, it must be constantly linked. It is necessary to acquire a minimum of several publications per month.

To this must be added the cost of the tools required to carry out the analysis and work involved in an SEO and positioning campaign.

We can therefore see that the sum of the numerous fixed costs + the margin for running the positioning process, cannot cost a total of PLN 500 per month, as such an amount is not even enough for links and content. A realistic positioning process costs a minimum of £1,000 net for a small site consisting of a dozen or so tabs, and several thousand zloty for large shops and sites consisting of several thousand pages.

Why does SEO and positioning have more marketing value than paid Google ADS ads?

It is worth noting that the effects of SEO and positioning continue even after the cessation of activities optimisation, which is a significant difference compared to paid advertising, where the effects disappear as soon as you stop paying for advertising campaigns. In the long term, SEO effects are therefore more stable and long-term than paid advertising. However, it is worth bearing in mind that effective SEO takes time to build visibility and position a site in search results, so the effects are not immediate but pay off in the long term.

How long does SEO take and when can you expect a return on your SEO investment?

Another important issue is how long it takes to see results from SEO efforts. SEO results are not instantaneous and require patience and time for noticeable improvements. The time to wait for the first visible results can vary depending on a number of factors, such as the current state of the site, the domain history, the level of competition or the SEO strategies used. Typically, you can expect first results after several months of intensive actionbut much more visible results may require up to several months of work. The return on investment can be seen after just a few months, but the most realistic period is 12 months of intensive SEO activities.

It is also worth comparing SEO with paid advertising (Ads) in terms of return on investment and time perspective. Unlike Paid Ads, where the effects of the activity disappear as soon as you stop paying for the campaign, SEO activities produce lasting results even after the active activities have ended. The traffic generated through positioning is more sustainable and stable, which makes it possible to achieve ongoing benefits even after SEO activities have ended. In addition, organic traffic is more targeted and more effective than paid traffic, resulting in better conversion rates and a long-term increase in ROI.

Positioning a website yourself or outsourcing the process to an expert with experience?

The decision to position a website yourself or to outsource this process to an expert with experience has a significant impact on the effectiveness and efficiency of your actions. Positioning a website requires not only knowledge of SEO techniques and tools, but also a deep understanding of the specifics of a given market, Google algorithms and trends in the field of Internet marketing. Although there are tools and tutorials available that allow you to position your website on your own, it is worth bearing in mind that an effective SEO strategy requires constant monitoring and adaptation to changing search engine algorithms and market competition.

An experienced SEO expert is not only technically knowledgeable, but also skilled in market analysis and marketing strategies, which allows him or her to more effectively shape activities to achieve desired business goals. In addition, hiring an experienced SEO specialist will bring additional benefits, such as faster results, greater effectiveness of actions and minimising the risk of making mistakes that can negatively affect a website's visibility in search results. Therefore, it is worth considering whether your own resources and skills are sufficient to effectively SEO your website, or whether it is better to outsource the process to an expert with experience, and success, who will be able to guarantee the best results.

An SEO expert has not only theoretical knowledge, but also practical 'know-how' and proven techniques for web positioning. Thanks to this, the effects of positioning will appear much faster than if you try to act on your own. An experienced specialist is able to effectively identify the most effective strategies tailored to the client's individual needs and goals, which accelerates the process of achieving better visibility in search results.

In addition, an SEO expert also has the ability to keep up to date with changes in search engine algorithms and respond to them quickly and effectively. This avoids possible penalties from search engines for actions that do not comply with their guidelines, which may have a negative impact on the visibility of the site in the long term. As a result, hiring an experienced SEO specialist not only reduces the time needed to achieve the desired results, but also increases their effectiveness and sustainability. Therefore, the benefits of working with an SEO expert are tangible, especially for companies seeking to quickly and effectively improve their website's visibility in search results.

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